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It has been thirty-five years since the passage of Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972. Title IX provides that no person shall be excluded from participation in any educational program or activity that receives federal funding. This legislation is credited with bolstering the participation rates of girls and women in athletics. Although athletics are not explicitly addressed in the statutory language, Title IX requires schools to offer male and female students equal opportunities to play sports, to give male and female athletes their fair share of athletic scholarship money, and to treat male and female athletes equally in all other respects, including equipment, facilities and coaching. Proponents of Title IX claim that participation in sports leads to important health and wellness benefits for female athletes. The critics of Title IX argue that the legislation has caused schools to cut male teams in order to comply with Title IX and claim that women are inherently less interested in sports than men. In order to gain a better understanding of Title IX and its effect on intercollegiate athletics, this article provides the researcher with a comprehensive bibliography on the topic. In part one, there is a brief discussion of the law's legislative history and its effect on participation rates of female athletes. This is then followed by a comprehensive list of books on Title IX and is followed by an annotated list of law review articles on the law. Finally, this bibliography includes a list of Internet resources for Title IX, including relevant websites and blogs.

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