When University Trustees appointed Edward S. Godfrey Dean of the new University of Maine School of Law on January 16, 1962, they did so with the expectation that he would lead the school to accreditation by the American Bar Association (ABA) as quickly as possible. Dean Godfrey proceeded with the complete support of University of Maine President Lloyd H. Elliott and senior administrative officials. By the spring of 1962 the new Dean had begun to staff and equip the school. His efforts were well-rewarded. The ABA House of Delegates provisionally approved the School of Law in February 1964. The speed with which the Maine Law School achieved full approval, four years from inception to accreditation, was highly unusual for the time. This Comment is a tribute to Dean Godfrey and to his work in helping to make the University of Maine School of Law a valued influence on the law. Edward Godfrey accepted the deanery of the School with an ambition to make it a place of learning that would contribute to the common good by providing quality legal education at an affordable cost and would emphasize the use of the law in the honorable and effective service of society. This Comment details the history of the founding of the Maine Law School and Dean Godfrey's role in guiding the School to rapid ABA accreditation.

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