Kermit V. Lipez


I wish to begin my remarks by congratulating the Maine Law Review for sponsoring this important symposium on the legislative achievements of Senator Muskie. It is a well-deserved tribute during this 100th anniversary year of his birth. I also want to thank the Law Review for inviting me to give the opening remarks for the Symposium. It is a privilege to do so, and to speak in the presence of former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. We are all honored by her presence. I must acknowledge, however, that it is a daunting task to present these remarks in the presence of distinguished panelists who either worked closely Senator Muskie for many years in Maine and Washington, or have studied and written about his career with such care and insight. My association with Senator Muskie was far more limited than theirs. Thus the challenge for me is to add value to the superb presentations that you will be hearing from our panelists. I will try to do that by sharing briefly some recollections of Senator Muskie and some history that hopefully will be relevant to the discussion that follows.

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