How fitting it is to view urban development policy today with reference to Edmund Muskie and his role as U.S. Senator from Maine in the 1966 enactment of the Model Cities Program. The University of Maine School of Law is honored that the Maine Law Review 2014 symposium is part of this centennial celebration of Ed Muskie’s life and work. His wide-ranging career brought Muskie from Maine—where he served as state legislator and Governor—to national and global affairs as Senator, Secretary of State, and Vice Presidential nominee, and in other prominent leadership roles. We are fortunate to welcome Don Nicoll for this discussion, to reflect on his experience working with Senator Muskie for ten years in the 1960s and to provide an inside view of Muskie’s legislative savvy in urban development policy. Don Nicoll was there at the inception of Model Cities and related policies. Before Maine Democratic Party in the late 1950s where he worked with then Governor Muskie and with then Congressman Frank Coffin. Since then, Nicoll has served as a program and policy planner in higher education, health care, regional planning, and transportation, and environmental protection, primarily in Maine.

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