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This comment reflects on the current debate of Cashes Ledge as an example to the effectiveness of the MSA and other legislation. Part II considers the background of the MSA and Cashes Ledge. Part III looks at both sides of the debate over Cashes Ledge, namely the view of the fisherman and the view of conservationism. Parr III concludes with the likely course of action the fishery council anticipates regarding the protectioin of Cashes Ledge in the coming months. Part IV critiques the system of habitat protection through the MSA and fishery management councils. It looks at the inefficiencies in regulations and management of councils, in addition to ineffective legislation that governs the councils as a possible reason for why there is little habitat protection. Part V of the comment looks outside the MSA to the effectiveness of other legislation, like the Antiquities Act and the Marine Sanctuary Act. It considers the likelihood of successfully providing protection to areas like Cashes Ledge. Part VI of the comment concludes that given the current legislation, the lack of interest, and the lack of conservation efforts, there is likely very little to nothing that can be done to protect marine environments like Cashes Ledge. The startling fact that change is unlikely should call for swift action and new legislative efforts aimed towards a stronger conservation mindset among those in control of America’s oceans and marine habitats.

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