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Over the past few decades, the public has become more and more aware of the inhumane and incredibly harsh treatment of marine mammals being kept in captivity, specifically for entertainment purposes. Anger and outrage reached a heighted level after the CNN documentary, Blackfish, was released in 2013, as the film brought increased awareness to viewers across the country. However, the issue of marine mammals in captivity reaches far deeper than the SeaWorld controversy of recent years; in fact, the issue spans even beyond the United States. This article therefore analyzes the laws which allow for such captivity to take place, both nationally and internationally, while, at the same time, taking note of the impressive progress being made in both the United States and other areas around the world. As a whole, this comparative analysis will compare and contrast the best protection laws against the worst (or, in some cases, inexistent) laws, both nationally and internationally, analyze the common themes and apparent differences, and, based on such analysis, suggest an approach to this global issue.

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