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Although the basic format and objectives sought to be fulfilled by the publication of this new Third Edition of Uniform Maine Citations remain the same as its predecessor publications, the numerous new examples, alterations, and additions to content made necessary by the passage of time came about in a wholly different manner than in the past. Unlike the first two editions, this latest reflects the collaborative effort of numerous persons, with Michael D. Seitzinger and me playing a minor role. Professor Nancy A. Wanderer, Director of the Legal Research and Writing Program at the University of Maine School of Law, arranged for the collaborators and served as project leader. Four former law students worked with Nancy and me in redrafting various parts of the former edition – namely, Wendy Brown, Theodore G. Fletcher, Marcie Hornick and M. Katherine Lynch. Thereafter, under the direction of Nancy, Regina Stabile, currently a second-year law student, with contributions from Katharine McCarthy, currently a first-year law student, put the various parts together, updated examples, and added further material on resources that did not exist when the last edition was published a decade ago. The draft was then submitted to the current Maine Law Review and to a handful of reviewers, including Dean Edward S. Godfrey, Mike Seitzinger, and me. The final product has been prepared by Ken Albert and Regina Stabile of the Maine Law Review.

Publication Date

Fall 9-1-2005


Maine Law Review


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Uniform Maine Citations, 2005 Edition (superseded)