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The 2010 edition of Uniform Maine Citations continues the effort to provide guidance for the location and proper form for citation to Maine-specific primary and secondary sources of legal research and writing. This edition represents a significant departure from the previous three editions in several important respects. First, it will be published on the Maine Law Review web site and updated at least annually to recognize new developments and new sources of Maine-related legal research. Because Uniform Maine Citations will be published and regularly updated on-line, and can be downloaded and printed from the web site, no separate print publication will be prepared. Second, this edition recognizes that today most legal research, at least for primary sources, is conducted using electronic legal research methods. Accordingly, this edition includes greater guidance for identification of and citation to electronic sources. Third, Uniform Maine Citations is reorganized so that similar types of references appear together. The organization is grouped by primary or secondary research materials, including subdivisions for (1) statutory and legislative materials, including constitutions, statutes, legislative documents, and municipal ordinances; (2) court decisions, rules, and documents; (3) executive agency regulations, reports, and other documents; and (4) secondary materials that analyze and interpret the primary materials, including Maine-specific treatises, practice books, and legal periodicals.

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Fall 9-7-2010


Maine Law Review


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Uniform Maine Citations, 2010 Edition (superseded)

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